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【和春堂】楊桃梅磚 200g Starfruit with Plum Tea Cube

$13.99 $14.99
  • 酸甜而不膩,潤喉又解渴
  • 不只是茶磚,還能看到整顆話梅
  • 生津止渴,又添加話梅讓您難以忘懷
  • 許伯懷舊的酸甜滋味,實在是讓您難以忘懷,酸甜而不膩、潤喉又解渴,讓人有ㄧ種消暑的感覺。
  • 保存方式:放置陰涼處;避免陽光直射或潮濕;建議冷藏保存更佳
  • 保存期限:常溫未拆封1年(拆封後請儘早食用完畢,並放置冰箱冷藏保存)
  • 製造日期:標示於外包裝
  • 產地 : 台灣
  • Storage method: Store in a cool place; avoid direct sunlight or humidity; it is recommended to store in cold storage.
  • Shelf life: 1 year without opening at room temperature (please consume as soon as possible after opening and store in refrigerator)
  • Date of manufacture: marked on the outer packaging
  • Origin: Taiwan