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【屏大生物科技】薄鹽醬油膏 300ml Light Salt Soybean Paste

$11.99 $14.99
  • 【限購2份】
  • 有效期限(Expiration Date):October 16, 2022
  • 使用經檢驗合格的非基因改造黃豆原料
  • 以有益人體健康之薄鹽醬油為基底調製
  • 添加黏稠劑非傳統糯米粉,採用義大利進口的澱粉
  • 未添加任何鉀鹽、焦糖色素
  • 不含防腐劑,開封後請冷藏
  • 保存期限:一年
  • Made by qualified non-genetically modified soybean raw materials
  • Prepared based on the thin salt soy sauce that is beneficial to human health
  • Add thickener non-traditional glutinous rice flour, using starch imported from Italy
  • No potassium salt, caramel color added
  • No preservatives, please refrigerate after opening
  • Retention period: 1 year