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【和春堂】冰糖銀耳百合湯 Crystal Sugar Tremella Lily Soup 85g

$9.99 $10.99

    • 有效期限(Expiration Date):September 01, 2022
    • 和春堂『冰糖銀耳百合湯』從老人到小孩都很愛喝!
    • 整朵大大的白木耳,可以煮上滿滿一鍋讓一家大小一起享用!
    • 堅持採用檢驗合格之白木耳,絕不添加任何化學添加物!
    • 健康與美麗絕對沒負擔!
    • 用最單純簡單的食物讓身體更加輕鬆美麗。
    • 煮法:
      • 白木耳先泡水至軟,減去蒂頭並把白木耳剪碎備用。
      • 將白木耳、百合丟入鍋中加入2000-2500的水先煮1小時在放入枸杞和紅棗再煮20分鐘熄火;悶30分鐘。即可食用。
      • 熱熱喝、冰冰喝都適合。
      • 依照個人口味可加入冰糖或不加。
    • 重量:85g±4.5公克
    • 保存方式:收到貨後請冷藏保存
    • 保存期限:1年
    • Cooking method:
    • Soak the white fungus in water until soft, subtract the stalks and cut the white fungus into small pieces for later use.
    • Throw the white fungus and lily into the pot, add 2000-2500 water, and cook for 1 hour. Add the wolfberry and red dates and cook for 20 minutes. Turn off the heat; stuff for 30 minutes. Ready to eat.
    • It is suitable for hot or cold drinks.
    • Rock sugar can be added or not added according to personal taste.
    • Weight: 85g±4.5g
    • Storage method: please refrigerate after receiving the goods
    • Retention period: 1 year