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【岡山明德】陳年辣豆瓣醬 165g【MING TEH】Soybean Paste

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  • 以精選蠶豆及黃豆接種特有麴菌經120天以上的釀造時間熟成,味濃厚只須少少的用量,可有極佳的調味效果。
  • 無色素
  • 無味精
  • 無添加防腐劑
  • 保存期限:兩年(未開封)
  • 食品過敏原:本食品包含黃豆、蠶豆、小麥、芝麻、不適合對其過敏者食用。
  • 開封後請冷藏保存
  • 料理應用:炸醬、醬爆、紅燒、拌麵均可,有比醬油更濃厚的風味;許多知名的家常菜如醬肉、紅燒牛豬肉、炸醬麵等等,西餐如醬爆牛小排、醬爆豬排。
  • Selected broad beans and soybeans are inoculated with unique koji bacteria and matured after more than 120 days of brewing time. The flavor is strong and only a small amount is required, which can have an excellent flavoring effect.
  • No pigment
  • MSG free
  • No added preservatives
  • Retention period: two years (unopened)
  • Food allergens: This food contains soybeans, broad beans, wheat, and sesame seeds. It is not suitable for people who are allergic to them.
  • Please refrigerate after opening