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【金蘭】親子油膏 190g【Kimlan】Paste

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  • 日式料理風味,完美黃金比例的醬汁 
  • 海鮮蔬菜鮮甜美味 
  • 甘甜的親子油膏,讓你輕鬆擁有日式味 
  • 絕佳萬用的便利醬料
  • 非基改黃豆:採用飽滿圓潤、營養價值高的非基改造黃豆釀製而成
  • 高麗菜抽出物:增添料理鮮甜風味
  • 薄鹽:鹽份比金蘭醬油低,少鹽少負擔,吃得更放心
  • 柴魚昆布抽出物:柴魚及昆布的鮮甜,讓美味層次更豐富。
  • 保存期限:1095日
  • Japanese cuisine flavor, perfect golden ratio sauce
  • Seafood and vegetables are fresh and delicious
  • Sweet parent-child ointment, let you easily have a Japanese taste
  • An excellent all-purpose convenient sauce
  • Non-basic modified soybeans: brewed from non-basic modified soybeans with fullness and high nutritional value
  • Cabbage extract: add fresh and sweet flavor to dishes
  • Thin salt: the salt content is lower than the Kimlan soy sauce, less salt and less burden, you can eat more at ease
  • Dried bonito kelp extract: The sweetness of bonito and kelp enriches the deliciousness.
  • Retention period: 1095 days