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【豆油伯】紅麴甘田釀造醬油 300ml Red Yeast Sweet Brewed Soy Sauce

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  • 【限購2份】
  • 薄鹽醬油。無添加鉀鹽,降低鈉鹽
  • 沾食醬油推薦
  • 臺灣原豆釀造,原汁未稀釋
  • 無碘無麩質
  • 無添加防腐劑
  • 無色素
  • 甘田醬油加入紅麴,甘甜不死鹹,風味更多層次,適合沾、拌料理。
  • 保存期限:兩年(未開封)
  • 開封後請冷藏保存
  • No potassium salt added, reduce sodium salt
  • Recommended for dipping soy sauce
  • Brewed from Taiwanese original beans, the original juice is undiluted
  • Iodine-Free and Gluten-Free
  • No added preservatives
  • No pigment
  • Sweetened soy sauce with red yeast rice is sweet but not too salty. It has more flavors and is suitable for dipping and mixing dishes.
  • Retention period: two years (unopened)
  • Please refrigerate after opening