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Monthly Mystery Box

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What is Monthly Mystery Box: A box of surprise that comes straight from Taiwan every month! In each box, we will select different Taiwanese food that represent Taiwan the most. The Monthly Mystery Box comes with Taiwanese ramen noodles, snacks and drinks! Each items are very exclusive and authentic, you will enjoy the taste of Taiwan on a regular basis with a stealing price!  

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Description (Chinese)


什麼是每月驚喜訂閱箱: 每月驚喜訂閱箱將由我們挑選出最適合代表台灣人口味的食品,放入訂閱箱中配送給遠在海外思鄉的朋友們! 每個月會有意想不到的驚喜組合與優惠活動,讓您每次開箱都像開驚喜包一樣的興奮! 此箱內會有拌麵/泡麵,古早味零食/糖果/巧克力/零嘴與飲料組合,將您的童年味完全複製到海外去! 


Special Note

老媽拌麵 酸味麻辣 Mom's noodle Sour & Spicy flavor expiration date: 06/21/2022
老媽拌麵 蔥油開洋 Mom's noodle Onion & Shrimp flavor expiration date: 06/10/2022
巷口乾麵 麻醬風味 Ally noodle Sesame sauce flavor expiration date: 01/11/2022
巷口乾麵 炸醬風味 Ally noodle Fried sauce flavor expiration date: 12/17/2021