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【苗栗垂坤】 巧克力風味甜甜圈 260g 【Chuei Kun】Chocolate Flavored Donuts

$8.99 $14.99
  • 有效期限( Expiration Date): April 12, 2022
  • 外層裹上濃濃的巧克力,香濃可口,酥酥脆脆
  • 吃一口會停不了口,甜甜圈外型讓大人小孩皆喜愛,是聚會.旅遊的最佳隨身小點心喔!
  • 成分:玉米(非基因改造)、棕櫚油、白砂糖、可可脂、乳清、可可粉、奶粉、鹽
  • 過敏原資訊:本產品含有乳製品,對特殊過敏體質者可能產生過敏症。
  • 原產地:台灣
  • 保存期限: 6 個月(未開封且正常條件保存)
  • 保存方法:請將商品置於陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射,產品拆封後,請盡速食用完畢。
  • INGREDIENTS:Corn (non-genetically modified), palm oil, white sugar, cocoa butter, whey, cocoa powder, milk powder, salt
  • Allergen Information:This product contains dairy products, which may cause allergies to people with special allergies.
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Shelf life: 6  months  (unopened and stored under normal conditions)
  • Preservation method: Please store the product in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. After unpacking the product, please consume it immediately.