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【老四川】 螺螄風味粉 105.5g 【Old Sichuan】Glass Noodle River Snails Flavor

$4.99 $7.99

  • 【限購3碗】
  • 融入經典川式麻辣~香味醇厚
  • 獨家醬包 → 湯頭細膩有層次
  • 配料齊全 → 榨菜包及乾燥蔬菜包
  • 沖泡即食 → 時間美味兼具
  • 過敏原資訊:本產品含麩質穀物、蛋、大豆、奶類、芝麻、螺貝類、軟體動物及其製品
  • 原產地:台灣
  • 保存方法:請將商品置於陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射,產品拆封後,請盡速食用完畢。
  • Allergen Information: This product contains gluten grains, eggs, soybeans, milk, sesame, snails, mollusks and their products. 
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Preservation method: Please store the product in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. After unpacking the product, please consume it immediately.