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【小茶栽堂】紅茶土鳳梨酥禮盒 8入 (新年預購)【Zenique】Black Tea Pineapple Cake 8 PCS (Pre-Order)

$42.99 $49.99
  • 來自彰化八卦山的土鳳梨餡,微酸卻不甜膩,健康零負擔。
  • 酥皮以小茶栽堂獨家蜜香紅茶揉入麵粉製成,比傳統鳳梨酥多了回甘的茶香,與土鳳梨餡搭配更顯美味!
  • 內容物:紅茶土鳳梨酥-無鹽奶油,小茶小葉種紅茶,奶粉,雞蛋,麵粉,砂糖,煉奶,八卦山土鳳梨
  • 過敏原:蛋、牛奶、堅果(本產品或同一產線內有蛋、牛奶、堅果類產品製程。)
  • 產地:台灣
  • 保存期限: 35 天(未開封)
  • 保存期限內含生產及配送天數,有效期限依外盒標示為主。
  • 保存方法:需放置常溫陰涼處,避免陽光直射,開封後請儘速食用完畢
  • Ingredients: black tea soil pineapple cake-unsalted cream, small tea small leaf black tea, milk powder, eggs, flour, sugar, condensed milk, gossip mountain pineapple
  • Allergens: eggs, milk, nuts (there are egg, milk, and nuts products in this product or the same production line.)
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Shelf life: 35 days  (unopened and stored under normal conditions)
  • Preservation method: Please store the product in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. After unpacking the product, please consume it immediately.
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