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Shopping Instruction

Basic instruction: 

  1. All products on our website are priced in US dollars. We provide real-time exchange rate currency converters at the front page, all products will transfer into US dollars during the checkout process.
  2. After the order has been placed, we will process the order within 1-3 days.
  3. All products are exported from our warehouse in Taiwan. We use DHL express and Chunghwa EMS service to deliver the product. The estimated delivery time is 3- 7 days. 
  4. We offer free shipping on orders over $99 USD. For orders under $99 USD, the shipping cost is $19.99 USD.
  5. The expiration date of products is varied, we will ensure there will have at least 1 month or more period of the expiration date on a regular product when we export it. 
  6. Please fill in all the information in English during the checkout. 
  7. Once you placed the order, we do not accept cancellation for the order if you do not have valid reason. Please read the instruction first before placing the order. 


Custom Instruction: 

Our products are not subject to customs duties in most countries, but due to the complexity of custom and international tax regulations, we cannot guarantee that the following conditions will not occur when your goods pass the custom:

  1. Collected custom fees, duties, and other related fees
  2. Delayed delivery of goods due to spot check
  3. Required to submit additional import documents
  4. Required to pick up at the designated facility
  5. Certain items are considered as not importable in your country and got selected out from the box by the customs officer
  6. Products are considered not importable in your country and got sent back to us

If the above situation occurs, we have the following solutions:

For conditions 1-4, it is the customer's obligation to take full responsibility and bear the additional cost. We do not offer refunds or compensation under these conditions.

For condition 5, if some of the items got selected out by custom, we will compensate 50% of all the product value that got selected out. 

For condition 6, if the product got sent back, we will compensate 50% of the entire order value.

We hope that the above situation will not happen to your shopping experience, we will try our best to avoid it. We retain all the rights to accept and decline an order. If the location is considered too difficult to deliver, we have the right to not take on the delivery and will refund the full amount. 


Delivery Instruction: 

  1. There is a risk of shattering for the fragile product (ex: crackers, tofu) during the delivery process. We do not offer any compensation if the product is shattering inside but does not damage outside. If the product is damaged outside, we will compensate the entire order value of the damaged item. Please do not consume the product if it is damaged outside. 
  2. Please check the package within 3 days once you receive it. The package will be viewed as accepted after 3 days of the delivered date. If there’s any problem with the products, please follow the steps below to seek compensation: 
  • Please contact us in 3 days: service@boxiefood.com
  • Please provide the order number, country, product name, and reason for compensation in the letter
  • Please take a clear picture of the wrong, defective, expired, or unusable product, and attach it to the letter
  • Once we review it, we will provide equivalent compensation for the product. However, we do not compensate the shipping cost that has been occurred. 

If there's another condition occurs that is not listed above, please contact us: service@boxiefood.com