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Who we are



We used to be international students 

"When I was a college student in the United States, whenever I need Asian groceries, I had to drive one and a half hours away every week to an Asian market that is located in a big city, due to my school is located in a college town far away. After buying groceries from the Asian market for a while, I started to realize that most brands in the Asian market were not the brands that I saw in Taiwan's grocery store".

After graduating from high school, I went to the United States to study abroad. When I lived in Oregon, there was only one Asian market in the city at that time. I lived in a college town 85 miles away that can't find any Asian grocery in the town. Whenever I am homesick and craving for some hometown tastes, one thing I could do was to search on a Chinese platform and hope they have some Taiwanese products were selling on it. Even if I find Taiwanese products from the platform, there weren't too many options for me so that I would be charged a big amount of shipping cost. Since I lived in a place that has very little Asian population, I noticed that some people were suffering from the same problem. And that inspired me to start the business to solve the problem. Boxiefood not only wanted to provide a home taste for Taiwanese people but also wanted to introduce Taiwanese culture to the world by experience through the authentic Taiwanese food.


We started boxiefood after graduated from college.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020, we still chose to start our business. We not only want to introduce Taiwanese food to the world, but want to eliminate the distance and supply barriers and provide the best taste of Taiwan.

Michael Huang, founder & ceo